Design a portal to Rate/Review

About This Project

An Indian website that lets user find bakeries in town, see their products, rate them, review them. For bakery owners, it is a good platform to display their products. challenge with designing such a website is that it should be eye catching and interface should be user-friendly and quick for users to review and gather information about bakeries.

Our Solutions
Web Design and Development
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Web Design

While designing this website, we have used color palette that goes well with the brand, Catchy colors that give the website the edge, it needs to market a portal for bakeries.

Emoticons and Graphic Icons

Not only Catchy colors, Use of emoticons in review form and other small icons for displaying facilities of bakeries, for ex. a home delivery icon and other graphic icons of bakery features. So, that users will quickly get the idea

Goals Achieved

A simple user interface to register as bakeries, profile setup and display products, As a viewer, quick way to find bakeries in town, review them, rate them, A one stop website to connect with all the bakeries in town.

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