Web Design Demo: Accounting Firm

About This Project

A full-service accounting firm from Charlotte, providing high quality and professional financial solutions. ATG already had a great customer base in the city, they want to make it easy for their customer to reach out to them and to schedule the appointment. For the new potential customers, they want to display their services in a creative manner to stood out from competition.

Our Solutions
Web Design and Development, WordPress Development
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Web Design

We were have used “Red & Black” dark theme, Idea is little unusaul, but it really paid off. Dark header image, Red small icons as bullets, black and white images. It is the perfect blend of great typography, dark color and HD images.

Thoughtful Presentation

We have provided “Schedule appointment” and “Learn More” buttons at top , so if  you are a repeat customer, no need to scroll down website for appointments and the entire site content is easy to read, minimalist and engaging for the right audience.

Powered by WordPress

With WordPress as backend, we armoured clients for modify and creation of content with ease.  WordPress is so powerful framework that expansion of website utilities is much faster than any other cms around.

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