Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing

Beginner Part 1

What is InboundMarketing?

Inbound marketing is a collection of strategies where your customer know about your brand by conducting a keyword search, Reading your blog, Following you on social media or interacting you on.
So, As opposed to traditional marketing strategies like direct Email, telemarketing and advertising, where you communicate to unqualified masses by interrupting them, Inbound marketing strategies reach out to consumers who are actively looking for the services/products you offer. That is why Inbound marketing is more effective.


Foundation of Inbound Marketing

Your website and your brand together they are the foundation of your inbound marketing plan.

  • Evaluate strength and weaknesses of your brand and businesses.
  • clearly define your brand and differentiate it from others. Make sure your website has clear call of actions, it is easy to access content and your website clearly define what your brand / business is and What services or products you offer.
  • The purpose of your website is to connect with audiences, generate website traffic and turns your followers into your fans.

Generate leads and build Loyalty should be the focus of your inbound marketing game plan.

6 important steps to generate leads and build loyalty

1. Build brand awareness
2. Position yourself as innovator
3. Boost Rankings across Search engines
4. Fresh, Relavant and Link worthy content
5. Social Media sharing
6. Establish and Strengthen Relationships

This article is the part 1 of Beginner Inbound Marketing Series.

Part 2: Create Brand Awareness
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