Email Marketing handful tips and importance

Email marketing spend grows 10% year over year and it is expected to continue in 2015 also.(Forrester)
Email marketing, when done right, delivers the right message to the right audience.

Email Marketing is easy

They are your customers or subscribers, so they are in for learning more about your products, discount coupons, sales offers, your work process, your achievement etc. How easy is to write an email and send it to multiple subscribers at one go? Pretty easy and quick, right? That is why email marketing is getting more and more popular since its arrival.


Why should you make Email Marketing major part of your marketing strategy in 2015?

Increases ROI
According to “Mark the Marketer” analysis 2014, Email marketing still is the best digital marketing strategy to increase ROI, followed by SEO, and banner ads have the lowest chance to increase ROI. Shopping cart abdonment emails and other 13 email template types that can increase your ROI

Cost Effective & Affordable
For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.(exacttarget)
Yes, you have to spend some money to have newsletter subscription feature integrated on it. Once your email marketing setup is done, monthly maintenance is very affordable.

More targeted than social media
subscribers receive emails in their inbox, it is more personal way to communicate with them. Unlike social media, It is easy to choose who will receive your e-mail. e-mails are more relationship-focused, equipped with features like “Reply”, “Forward” to make communication friendly and personal. You don’t have word limits in email, so you can clearly display your ideas and reasons for approaching them.

Longer lifespan than social media.
Think of 10 minutes spent on social media platforms, there are too many posts every day and they don’t engage our attention like emails do. Digital marketer should send at least weekly post to subscribers. 40% more chances with the success of opening your email by subscribers rather than noticing your social media posts.

Easy to test results.
Most of the email marketing service providers, like MailChimp, offer A/B testing to evaluate the performance of email marketing campaigns.It is very important to have scientific testing approach to see the results. It is certainly, not the rocket science, you can easily set up A/B testing by adding some of your email subscribers in list A and some in B, then run campaign with the strategy A and the strategy B, See the difference in email opening rate,click-through-rate etc.

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