Why You Should Mobile Optimize Your Website

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16 Jan, 2015

Businesses all over the world, need to ensure their that their website should be the same experiences for different users with different devices.

Some pretty interesting facts about why you should consider responsive design for your website:

75% of users admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom.(convinceandconvert)

We constantly use the internet and we switch between laptops, tablets and smartphones several times a day for different needs, it is very important that your website looks good on all devices.

77% of  Tablets users feels  that poor experience of a website on tablets, discourage their willingness to buy from that website.(marketingtechblog)

stats show that when a website is not mobile device ready, brand looses its credibility according most of the viewers and for them it’s hard to trust that website.

Still not convinced about importance of Responsive Web Design?

  • To stand a chance against competition:
    In this pretty tight competition out there, all of your competition might have already focused on user experience and pixel perfect design for all devices.
  • SEO: Google search results shows “mobile friendly” in search results for those responsive websites. So, along with other factors, you should consider responsive web design to improve your SEO Rankings
Why Responsive Design is Important: 10 Key Statistics

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Aditi Joshi
Aditi Joshi

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